I really hate class discussions.

Especially if the professor requires participation as a part of your grade. People start raising their hands to say anything. It’s really stupid and I’m not learning anything. In most cases, the professor is just happy someone is contributing to his argument, he doesn’t even care that they’re NOT contributing to the argument, rather just talking. This happens in way too many of my classes and it makes me doubt that this is real life. I’m not in college. People in college don’t do idiotic shit like this.

I also hate being chastised for not speaking in class. Why would I want to add to the idiocy that is spewing all around the room? I am competent to know that I don’t have anything intelligent to add to the conversation, so I let the people who do take control. I don’t see how that is going to work anymore since there are very few intelligent people in my classes, and even they are overshadowed by the idiots.

It just makes me really mad. Especially because these idiots that are talking because they like the sound of their own voices think that they are making a valid argument, when in reality they are talking in circles around a vaguely relevant topic, but then somehow end up talking about something they like to talk about, like, I don’t know, for example, MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

Seriously, shut the fuck up. This is a government and politics class and we just started talking about how the branches of government were formed. He is completely irrelevant.

I just hate everyone. I know I can’t rightfully claim superiority because, as I mentioned, I don’t participate in class discussions. I respect the people who try to reason with the morons that go to this school, but I just think it’s beyond anything I can even… you know what, I don’t even know. This is retarded.

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